2020 Student Renewals

Please read this information and the associated links carefully.

Every year in February/March we check-in with our Student Affiliates to confirm their current status, update their contact details, advise them of the Provisional Membership application process, or how to move onto our Transitional Database. 

We require all Student Affiliates to complete the tasks as outlined below before 31 March 2020 otherwise their Student Affiliate status may be cancelled.

Check your online contact information

Everyone will need to complete this task, regardless of if you are studying in 2020 or not.  The exceptions are if you signed up as a Student Affiliate in 2020 (in which case there is nothing further for you to do) or if you would like to cancel your Student Affiliate with NZCCA (see below).

Logging into the NZCCA Website (for the first time)

Follow the simple instructions in this video if you are logging into the NZCCA website for the first time.

Updating your contact and student status

Please follow the simple instructions in this video to check and amend your office held information. 

Please email the Administrator with your updated email or postal address if either of these were changed.

Continuing Study in 2020

If you are continuing your studies all you need to do is check and update your information as outlined above and pay the 2020 Student Affiliate invoice. 

If you are completing your studies in 2020 you can start on the Provisional Application form now (see the information below).

Completed Study

If you have completed your study you are ineligible to continue as a Student Affiliate of NZCCA. 

After checking your information above, please advise the NZCCA Administrator via email:

  • If you are applying for Provisional Membership (see the information below)
  • That you would like to be moved onto the Transitional Database
  • That you would like to cancel your affiliation with NZCCA.

The Administrator will cancel your 2020 Student Affiliate invoice.

Completed Study But Not Sure What To Do in 2020

We recognise that it can be difficult to transition from being a student to going into counselling practice.  Many graduates take this time to assess their work/life options, and many apply months after they graduate.  It is for this reason that we have created a ‘Transitional’ database.  Transitional contacts still receive the same emails as students.  We can keep you on this database for up to 1 year (until 1 March 2021) at no charge.  Please advise me if you wish to move onto this database. 

It is easier to apply for Provisional Membership while your skills and experience are ‘professionally current’.  After training or learning any new skills it is really important that they are used (practiced) so that they are natural and intuitive. Having down time immediately after graduating can mean you lose some of your skills and confidence, because they are not yet solidified.

Cancelling Your Student Affiliate

Some students and graduates decide they no longer want to pursue a counselling career so please email me if you want to cancel your subscription as a Student Affiliate.

Applying for Provisional Membership

Please check the information on the ‘Information for Provisional and Full Applicants’ and ‘Application FAQs’ webpages (and the links within) to see if you are eligible to apply for Provisional Membership.

If you are eligible you can apply for Provisional Membership, we suggest you download the pdf guide which will assist you in applying for Provisional Membership.  A reminder that you will need to be logged in to the NZCCA website to open or view the application form.

You can apply even if you have not officially graduated, so long as you have passed all of the coursework for your qualification and have the required 200 client hours.  If your Provisional Application is accepted, you just send us a copy of your qualification once you have graduated (a photocopy of your qualification certificate which has been sighted by a JP, Pastor etc). 

We are aware, in comparison with other associations, the NZCCA provisional application is comprehensive and detailed. The reason for this is we are committed to ensuring all our members meet the minimum standards for practice as soon as they are working with the public. By establishing this standard we can then confidently promote our members to agencies and potential clients. As a consequence of this assurance being met at provisional, upgrading to full membership with NZCCA is much less extensive than other associations. You will note the questions in the provisional application will be well covered by your recently completed study, so the ideal time to begin the provisional application is during your final year of study.

Therefore, we suggest you complete one section at a time over a number of days.  The good news is that our application to Upgrade from Provisional to Full Membership is much simpler!


We are here to assist you in any way possible.  Please contact your student representative or the NZCCA Administrator if you have any queries (please email the Administrator for technical support).  We really want to help you!

Denise Van der Vlis (North Island, excluding Wellington Region) dvandervlis@nzcca.org.nz

Jenny Waldron (South Island and Wellington) jwaldron@nzcca.org.nz

Craig Sergeant (NZCCA Administrator) info@nzcca.org.nz / 09 361 4183