NZCCA is a registered charity, Charities number CC29874.

Donations can be made to NZCCA under the following categories:

  1. 2021 Conference - Pay-it-Forward (donations under this category will go towards helping someone attend the conference)
  2. Student Affiliate Koha (donations under this category will go towards association costs)

A donation receipt is issued for all donations by credit card and for bank transfer donations towards the conference pay-it-forward option. 

You can claim 30% back with your tax return if making a Conference donation.  However, Student Affiliate Koha's cannot be claimed as you are receiving a service.  

Anonymous donations cannot be claimed for via IRD as the name of the donor is required.  Please email the office if you need a donation receipt made out to you. 

There are two ways to make a donation:

1. Credit Card

Simply complete the donation information at the bottom of this page.

A non-refundable 2.7% + 30c per transaction surcharge is charged to credit card donations.  These fees are non-refundable.

Any refunds made back to a debit/credit card will incur another transaction fee.

2. Bank Transfer

By depositing funds into the NZCCA account.

Bank Account Name: NZCCA

Bank Account Number: 12-3012-0806750-00

Please ensure your name appears in the details and 'conf donate' or 'Stud koha' in the Reference field.


Please email the office if your would like more information 

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