Supervision FAQs

Please read these FAQs in conjunction with our Supervision Statement.


What requirements do you have of supervisors who supervise NZCCA Members?

Supervisors of NZCCA Members must meet our supervision requirements as outlined in our 'Supervision Statement'.

Does my supervisor have to be a member of NZCCA?

No, but we do require them to be a member of a professional New Zealand counselling or psychotherapy organisation e.g. NZCCA, NZAC or NZAP (or a member of another professional body acceptable to the NZCCA Executive).

My supervisor is a Social Worker, Pastor or DAPAANZ Member.  Is this acceptable?

Your supervisor must be a trained clinical counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist and have training in supervision. They need to have been working as a qualified counsellor (belonging to an Association as aforementioned) for at least five years.

I am only seeing one or a few clients; do I still need to have monthly supervision?

Yes. No matter how many clients you are seeing we require our members to undertake at least monthly supervision. We are willing to consider extenuating circumstances as long as you contact us BEFORE you begin working outside of our membership requirements.

Do you have a list of Supervisors?

Yes. Please use our Find a Supervisor search.

Do I need to be approved by NZCCA to supervise NZCCA Members?

Yes, you will need to complete the online Supervisor Application Form and gain approval from our Membership Committee to be able to supervise our Members.

Do I need an NZCCA website login to be a supervisor of an NZCCA Member?

Yes.  If you are already an NZCCA member you already have the login required.    Non-Members will need to create a login and then apply to be a supervisor by submitting the Supervisor Application Form. The application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee to ensure you meet our supervision criteria outlined in our Supervision Statement.

The NZCCA website login is required so you can complete the Supervision sections of the application forms and Annual Reviews.

My supervisor does not have supervision training; does this matter?

Yes, we require supervisors to have undertaken at least 30 hours of supervision training to ensure they offer the support and assistance required.

Can I have supervision by Skype?

We value face to face interaction and relationship as well as the immediacy of being in the same room.  However, we recognise the challenges for rural, small town, and geographically isolated counsellors.  Members who require supervision by Skype must forward their rationale for using Skype to the Administrator at the commencement of their supervision contract. This needs to be updated annually. Members are encouraged to have at least one face-to-face session before Skype is commenced and again annually if possible.

What is the ratio of client to supervision hours?

We require Provisional Members to see a supervisor at a ratio of 1:20, or monthly, whichever comes first.

Full Members are required to see a supervisor at a ratio of 1:40 or monthly, whichever comes first.

Retiree Members are required to see a supervisor at least monthly.

Supervision Statement

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