Finding a Suitable Counsellor

Things to Consider When Finding a Suitable Counsellor


One of the key elements in effective counselling is the fit between the counsellor and client. In choosing a counsellor it is important that you find someone whom you feel comfortable with, and with whom you feel safe sharing your story. Our "Find a Counsellor" search facility is a good place to start, as you can search for someone in your locality who has had training and experience in the specific area of life that you want help with.

Here are some things worth considering:

  • Do you have a recommendation for a specific counsellor from someone whose opinion you trust?
  • Would you feel more comfortable talking with a male or female counsellor, or is that not important to you?
  • If it might be difficult for you to afford counselling, you can look for a counsellor who is registered to provide funded counselling through a funding provider such as ACC or WINZ (use the 'Approved Provider With' search option in the 'Find a Counsellor' Search)
  • When you make contact with a counsellor before making an appointment, you are welcome to ask them about how they work, about their theology or attitude to a particular subject if that is important to you, or about their training or experience in a particular area of counselling.
  • Check out your prospective counsellor's website if they have one, so you can discover more about them and how they work.
  • Because it is important to find the right 'fit' between you and your counsellor, it is a good idea to expect that your first session may be about getting a sense whether this counsellor is someone you feel comfortable and confident with, before committing to ongoing sessions. 


Funding Streams

Counselling may at first appear to be expensive, but please keep in mind that it is an investment in your well-being.

Some counsellors are able to access specialised funding to help with your counselling costs.  These counsellors will be registered with one or more of the following providers.  Please click on the providers to learn more about potential funding options.


ACC  (following a physical injury, or following sexual abuse/assault)


I Am Hope

Primary Health Organisations (PHO, GP Referals)




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