Login Help

Creating a Login

New to NZCCA?

You will need to create a login/sign up to our website to view & complete our membership application forms - this includes all external supervisors (including non-NZCCA members), student affiliates, affiliates, provisional & full membership applicants.

To create a login:

  1. Click on Sign Up (top right)
  2. Enter your first/last name, email address and click the box 'I am not a robot'
  3. Click Sign Up

You will receive an email to confirm your login.  Click on the link within the email to activate your login (check your spam/junk folder if it doesn't appear in your inbox).  The link expires after 72 hours.

Once you have confirmed your account you will be asked to add MFA (see below) to keep your account secure.

Already have a login?

You can login using your username and password by clicking on the Member Login button (top right).

Enter the email address you used to sign up to our website and your password.

You will then be asked to enter your MFA code or prompted to add MFA (see below)

Please contact the Association Coordinator if you are still experiencing trouble logging in info@nzcca.org.nz

Please do not create a new login.  


Once you are logged into the website you will be taken to either the Dashboard (1st screenshot) or profile screen (second screen shot).


  • To access the webpages click on the NZCCA logo (pink circle) e.g. Application forms can be found under Membership --> Application Forms.  Instructions for the Supervisor application form can be found here.
  • To access your notifications click on the bell (blue circle)
  • To switch to your profile click on your initials in the top right (purple circle) and then 'View Profile'
  • To return to this screen click on Dashboard (red circle)


This is where most of your data is kept.  Menu items will differ based on your membership type e.g. Online profile only appears for members and not affiliates or student affiliates.

Click on Edit to change things like your bio, name, contact details, online profile, addresses, email address etc. Click invoices to view your invoices, CPD to view/enter CPD etc.

More information can be found on our Help webpage.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

From 17 June 2022 all NZCCA Website users will need to set up MFA for their login.

There are 3 MFA options (email, authenticator app and security key).  We suggest you set up the Email option as this is the easiest to use.  Tech savvy users can choose the Authenticator App or Security Key option if preferred.  


Adding MFA (email) to your NZCCA Website Login (Recommended option)

Follow the instructions in the video below to set up the email MFA option your NZCCA website login.  

When setting up MFA it is best to use a permanent email address rather than a work email. This is because you cannot change the email address the MFA code is sent to, so if you have it set to a work email and leave, the code still gets sent to the work email address (even if you have updated your login email).

Alternatively, you can use the Authenticator App option (see below).


MFA - Authenticator App Option

We recommend this for tech savvy users if you prefer it over the email option or as a back up.  However, the video shows setting this up after the email option has been set up.  

You will need to download the Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store first.

Google Play Store

Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator2
Microsoft: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.azure.authenticator

Apple Store

Google: https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/google-authenticator/id388497605

Microsoft: https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/microsoft-authenticator/id983156458



Can't login or set up MFA?

Code not working?

When you login to the NZCCA website you will be prompted for a 6-digit code. This will have been emailed to you (unless you have set up the Authenticator app option).  You need to wait for the code to come through and not use a code prior to the time you logged in. For example, if i log into the system on 1 May at 2:05pm, then the code i use needs to have come through shortly after this time i.e. you cant use a code before this time as it will not work.  The new code should come through within a few minutes. If not, try (in this order):

  1. Refresh/reload your inbox. this can be done by clicking on Send/Receive or clicking on the Refresh/Reload button.  On a phone or tablet you might be able to swipe up or down to reload/refresh/send & receive.  Remember it can take a few minutes for the email to come through.  You may need to repeat this step a few times.  The code should arrive within 5 minutes. This usually resolves the issue 90% of the time. 
  2. Did the code go to your spam or junk folder? (You may need to do step 1 before the code appears in either of these folders.
  3. The code will go to the email address you used to set up MFA.  Did you use a different email address? Try another email address, this may be different to the one used to access our website.
  4. Copying and pasting codes from the email often picks up a space at the start or end of what is selected.  Therefore, it is best to manually type in the code.
Code still didn't arrive?
  1. Perhaps your email server is blocking the codes. If you are part of an organisation or agency, contact your IT department to unblock.
  2.  Contact the office for assistance.
Authenticator App Code not working? Try:
  1. Did you the code that corresponds with the NZCCA website (if you have multiple accounts on the app)?
  2. the code may have changed so try the new code on the app (remember it changes every minute)
  3. Contact the office for assistance.


What is MFA and why is it needed?

Usernames and passwords can be easily guessed or hacked so they are not very secure (hands up if you use the same password for multiple websites!).  Add to this the global rise in cyber security and data breaches and you can see the need for a more secure way to access systems.

MFA combines something you know (e.g. user name and password) with something you have (e.g. email address, authenticator app or token).  It can also include something you are (e.g. biometrics such as finger print, facial recognition etc) but we are not using this option.

By combining two ways to login we are making it very hard for hackers to gain access to our website and data. 


Please contact the NZCCA office if you need further help to login.


09 361 4183