Upgrade Application Information

Eligibility Requirements

The Upgrade from NZCCA Provisional to Full Membership application (Upgrade Application) is only for current NZCCA Provisional Members who are upgrading to Full Membership. 

If you are a Provisional Member of another association you will need to complete either the Provisional or Full Membership application.  You can apply directly to full membership is you meet the criteria as outlined here.

NZCCA Provisional Members will need to meet each of the following requirements to be eligible to Upgrade to Full Membership:

  • Have a minimum of 400 client hours, 200 hours of which must be post training.  E.g. if you did 220 hours of practicum/during training, then you will need to have at least 420 hours before you can apply to upgrade.

  • Have discussed upgrading to full membership with your supervisor and that they support your move to full membership.

  • You are currently meeting the CPD and Supervision requirements for provisional membership.

  • You have been a provisional member for a minimum of 1 year

Upgrade FAQs

How long can I be a Provisional Member before I must Upgrade?

You can be a provisional member for up to 3 years.

What are the benefits of Upgrading to Full Membership?

  • Being a full member reduces your supervision from 1:20 client hours to 1:40 client hours (or at least monthly, whichever comes first for each).  

  • Career progression - many job advertisements require Full Membership.

  • Becoming a supervisor in future - If you are wanting to be a supervisor you need to be a full member for at least 5 years (amongst other criteria).

Upgrading during the Annual Review period?

You will need separate supervisor reports completed if you are upgrading around the time of our Annual Reviews.  One for the upgrade application and one for the annual review.  While similar, there are some differences in the questions.

Is there an application fee to Upgrade?

Yes.  An application fee of $90 will be invoiced once your application has been submitted and is ready to process. 

Is there an interview?

Yes.  Once your application has been reviewed, and the membership committee are satisfied with your application, you will progress to the interview stage of the application process.  You will be invoiced $320 for the interview.

The NZCCA Association Co-ordinator will contact you regarding the interview.

Ready to Apply?

To apply complete the NZCCA Provisional to Full Membership Application form.

Click here for a downloadable PDF form for the Upgrade Application (coming soon).

Need to Contact Us?

Please email our Membership Coordinator, Hannah Acheson, should you have any Membership related questions hacheson@nzcca.org.nz (only reachable via email).

Alternatively, please contact our Association Coordinator, Craig Sergeant, if you have an Association related query info@nzcca.org.nz